Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jumblee 1.1.3 released

Just a quick update which removes the need for the WAKE_LOCK permission and also cleans up a couple of bugs. So you can get right back on Jumbling away.

Jumblee : The best 9 letter word game for Android

Full details are:
  • Removed need for wakelock permission.
  • Fixed bug causing clock to lose time.
  • Fixed bug caused by hammering on the CheckWord button.
  • Better layout of ScoreViewActivity and About dialog

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jumblee 1.1.2 released

That's right, the best nine letter word jumble for Android has rolled out a new version. You can get it for free right now on the Market.

Well we planned on making a big announcement when we crossed 10,000 downloads. Woops, missed that by over a week. Well, what can I say, we've been busy putting together this release.

Thanks to those of you who have provided feedback, it's much appreciated. You'll start to see some of those ideas rolling in over the next few weeks. Full details of the changes below.

  • Different colours for CheckWord messages to make it more obvious when words are wrong.
  • Added a confirmation dialog on GiveUp to stop accidental game ends. Configured via preference.
  • Made game much more responsive.
  • Major cleanup of the dictionary (Added 90 words, Removed 270 words). Mainly removing plurals of words whose singulars had already been removed.
  • Fixed bug caused by hammering on CheckWord button.
  • Fixed some subtle UI bugs that occurred during rotation.
  • Fixed bug stopping post to Facebook if preference is changing after completing a game.
  • Cleaned up presentation of dialogs.