Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jumblee 1.2.2 Released

A few touch ups to the best free Android word jumble game. A few more features, a few bug fixes. As always you guys spoke, and we delivered.

You can get the latest version here.

☆ Display special dialog when 9 letter word is found.
☆ Super fast scrolling on HighScore images.
☆ Made user images more prominent.
☆ Fixed bug stopping setting of GlobalProfile image.
☆ Fixed layout for some small low density screens.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jumblee 1.2.0 released

OK the wait is over. I've released version-1.2.0 of Jumblee. Get it here
  • Global Scores using Scoreloop
  • New icons, 3D buttons and backgrounds.
  • Added contact links in the About Dialog
  • Fixed several small errors
With the global scores you get to post a picture of yourself and see what all your opponents look like.

You now you'll know who just pushed you off the top of the pile.