Sunday, April 26, 2015

XandarMob increases robustness of their Android wireless timing system

XandarMob just announced a maintenance release of Wylas Timing® to nail some rare edge cases that could cause connection issues.
The nice thing about small regular releases is that it provides a chance to fold in some of the simple but delightful ideas that occur mid cycle. And in this instance, XandarMob has taken the opportunity to literally add some color to the user interface of the Recorder to highlight the information you need, so as to make timing your meets that much easier.
That's how we keep these guys so happy :-)

As always, if you are looking for an affordable and efficient wireless timing and display system for your swimming or athletics club, then Wylas Timing® is your number one choice.

Full release notes at Wylas-Timing-1.5.5 Release

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