Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jumblee Words 1.5.2 released - 76 years of game play

A new version of Jumblee Words, that addictive Android word game has been published to the Android market. The new version fixes a number of bugs including some memory leaks that have been causing a few crashes, especially for those playing for extended periods.

The game screen has also been changed so that it is more obvious that valid words must be at least 4 letters long and must contain the central letter, a fact which unfortunately seems to have eluded a few people.

The week we are also celebrating 76 man years of Jumblee game play. I like to think that this has been time spent sharpening people's minds so that they are ready to take on new and bigger challenges out in the real world. But if not well at least it helped kill some time while sitting on the bus.

A full list of changes for this release are as follows:

  • Added handling to make it even more obvious that word must contain the central letter plus at least 3 others.
  • Improved performance of screen redraw with new LetterButton colourings.
  • Resolved several OutOfMemory errors that could occur if playing for some time.
  • Fixed occasional crash on game start for some Android-1.6 devices.
  • Fixed occasional crash with media playback when all words are found.
  • Fixed crash on startup for Android 2.0
  • Fixed rare crash on start up.
So now that the game is more bullet proof, go get Jumbling in style!

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