Sunday, November 20, 2011

40,000 downloads and 32 years of Jumblee game play

Yep that's right, Jumblee Words that ultra addictive word game for Android has just passed 40,000 downloads and has racked up 32 years of game play world wide. We're so stoked by this milestone that we thought we would provide some other cool Jumblee stats.

Each day, the median Jumbler plays 5.5 games of Jumblee and spends almost 14 minutes playing. There's a small hard core group of Jumblers that are playing in excess of 1000 games a month (I'd hate to play scrabble against them).

Since we added the ability to look up word definitions 3 weeks ago, 20,642 definitions have been looked up. So I hope you are making good use of those new words you've added to your vocabulary.

On average 8 words are rejected each game with the top 5 being:

    1. rine   20,975
    2. lear   19,957
    3. tares 13,802
    4. teer   13,657
    5. lites   13,588

You can download Jumblee Words from the Android Market.
So go get Jumbling ..

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